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Three Ships 12 Year Old Single Malt Whisky

Three Ships 12 Year Old Single Malt Whisky




A harmonious single malt from an award winning distillery
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Single Malt Whisky
South Africa
South Africa
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The only commercial whisky distillery in Africa, the James Sedgwick Distillery is the Home of Three Ships Whisky with a rich history of producing award-winning spirits. The distillery has been at the forefront of innovation with state-of-the-art equipment
and ingenious sustainability projects, and was recently recognised by being awarded as the Sustainable Distillery of the Year at the 2020 Icons of Whisky Awards held annually by Whisky Magazine in London.
In addition to the recent Icons of Whisky award, the James Sedgwick Distillery was recognised with the prestigious Green Company of the Year award hosted by the BIG (Business Intelligence Group) Awards for Business towards the end of 2019.
The maturation cellar is the quiet lifeblood of the James Sedgwick Distillery. It's here where the angel's share wraps an invisible blessing over the warehouse. The interaction between the spirit, wood and air is the complex collaboration of science, magic and patience all essential in producing a whisky of incomparable quality.
You can almost taste the whisky when spending time in this enchanting space where the various types of casks rest. And it's during this aging process where our spirit truly realises their character as our Master
Distiller, Andy Watts, experiments with a variety of finishes and styles.

Natural in colour, un-chillfiltered and bottled at
a strength of 46.3%, the whisky is presented in its
most natural form. Our Master Distiller, distilled
malted barley in copper potstills in 2007 and
matured the spirit for a minimum of 12 years.
The choice of wood played a significant role in
determining the final taste, colour and character of
the whisky and Andy selected a combination of older
and younger small American oak casks.
Although the warmer South African climate results
in a much higher angel's share, the accelerated
interaction between the spirit, cask and atmosphere,
give rise to a spectacular single malt with depth of
flavour, balance and extraordinary smoothness.
This collectable, special release whisky is light
golden in colour. Layers of shortbread, dried fruit,
soft leather, cherries, roasted nuts with notes of
floral and mocha unravel on the nose. The evident
smoky, peaty influence is complemented by pepper,
dried peaches, citrus, hints of Christmas Pudding
and an earthiness that reminds of a pine forest.
The finish is warm, creamy and savoury with delicate
liquorice that lingers in the mouth.

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