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Genepi - Liqueur des Alpes 50cl

Genepi - Liqueur des Alpes 50cl


Flavours of chamomile and feverfew

  • This liqueur or aperitif is similar in makeup to absinthe
  • It is an alcohol-based liqueur, made of sugar cane syrup, an infusion and a Genepi des Alpes spirit, with an infusion of 63 other herbs
  • A complex composition of an infusion of herbs and genipi spirit reinforces this product's aromatic power
  • Alcohol: 40%
  • Bottle Size: 50cl
  • Country: France

My two best friends being from Annecy, of course I had to drink some Genepi! Strong herbal aroma with hints of alpine flowers, a slightly bitter taste balanced by sweetness, touch of citrus and spice on the finish! How to get warm in the cold mountain!!! - Romain Alaphilippe, OWC