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Doorly's 14 Year Old Rum, Barbados

Doorly's 14 Year Old Rum, Barbados


Doorly's 14-year-old rum is an exquisite expression crafted by the esteemed Foursquare distillery, situated in the heart of Barbados. Foursquare is renowned for its unwavering commitment to traditional production methods

  • The Foursquare distillery, led by master distiller Richard Seale, is celebrated for its expertise in both rum production
  • The Foursquare distillery's unwavering dedication to producing additive-free rums is rooted in their belief that the quality and complexity of the spirit should come solely from the raw materials and the skillful craftsmanship involved
  • The nose is packed with delightful notes of tropical fruits and toasty vanilla
  • The palate is rich and velvety with muscovado sugar, cinnamon, citrus zestiness and toffee
  • Dried fruits and subtle spices linger on the finish to this spectacular rum
  • Type/Colour: Dark
  • Alcohol: 48%
  • Bottle Size: 70cl
  • Country: Barbados

The very best of the Foursquare flagship range and one of the tastiest rums Barbados has to offer. Maturation in a combination of ex-Bourbon and ex-Madeira wine casks adds an extra layer of tropical fruit to compliment the nuanced biscuity vanilla notes typical of this style. - Tom Brady, OWC