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Churchill's Reserve Port

Churchill's Réserve Port




Youthful, fruity and well balanced and delightfully easy to drink with layers of sweetish blackcurrant fruit.
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Despite its thoroughly traditional-sounding name Churchill is the newest of the British-owned Port companies, founded in 1981 by Johnny Graham. As the name Â'GrahamÂ' would suggest, JohnnyÂ's family has a background in the Port trade: his family owned Graham, one of the most well known of the Port houses which was sold to the Symingtons in 1970. Traditionally, Ports have been foot trodden in lagars, but this requires a large workforce. Typically, Port houses will recruit a team of pickers, usually from the same village. They come and stay in the Douro together and pick by day, then work the lagars at night. ItÂ's a sociable practice, but one that harks back to a different era. At Churchill, everything is foot trodden. Â'ItÂ's expensive,Â' says Johnny Graham. Â'IÂ'm not sure how much longer we will be able to do it for. From a technical point of view, treading produces a better result than robotic lagars.Â'

ChurchillÂ's Reserve is youthful, fruity and well balanced. Easy to drink, it displays the characteristic firm backbone and structure of Churchill Ports denoting its grade a origins. ItÂ's a Premium Ruby Port blended from the wines of different years from their top grade 'A' quintas. It has plenty of structure and layers of flavour. Four years of ageing in oak gives it a measure of complexity whilst still retaining a dark ruby colour, and presenting itself as fresh and fruity. The quality of this wine is such that it is described as 'Vintage Reserve', putting it in a category above its competitors. Because it is refrigerated and filtered prior to bottling, the wine is ready for immediate drinking.


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