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Weingut Pflüger


Alexander Pflüger took over the running of the family winery from his father in 2010. In the 1970s the estate comprised 15 hectares of vines of a variety of species. Now they have 30 hectares predominantly planted with the local varieties of Riesling, Spätburgunder and Gerwürztraminer. In 1985 Alex's father released their first certified organic vintage. Alex's goal is to produce a catalogue of wines with a focused identity, each reflecting the unique terroir of their location. He believes that working organically and biodynamically is the key to making quality wine with its own signature. Weingut Pflüger are pioneers of the organic and biodynamic wine movement and first began to focus on their production methods and relationship with the land in the early 20th century.

Weingut Pflüger's vineyards are located in the village of Bad Durkheim, south west of the Rhine Valley in Pfalz, Germany. Pfalz is responsible for 50% of Germany's wine production, the majority of which is dry white wine. Bad Durkheim has a warm and dry climate with low rainfall - perfect for organic and biodynamic viticulture.

For Weingut Pflüger the making of their wines happen in the vineyards. It is their soils, their climate, their diverse microclimate of botanical species and insects that produce the character of their wines. Alex is convinced that the conversion to biodynamic winemaking has improved quality: returning to old values, following natural rhythms and giving the wine time. Inside the winery only wild yeasts are present, which prompt a natural fermentation of the fruit. A varying degree of skin contact takes place dependent on the characteristics of the harvest and desired wine style and all wines are fermented in stainless steel vats. This is low intervention, intuitive winemaking at its best!

Pflüger means 'ploughman' - very fitting for winemakers who began as humble farmers but with the study of their soils and environment have created beautiful wines that transport their drinkers to the village of Bad Durkheim - wines of pleasure and education!