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Villa Wolf


The Villa Wolf Estate dates back to 1756 and for two centuries was very successful. During the latter half of the 20th century however it fell into disrepair. In 1996 Ernst Loosen bought the estate and turned things around, dramatically increasing the estate's quality and reputation.

The estate covers vineyards in the Pfalz region. The Pfalz lies between the Haardt Mountains and the Rhine River, directly north of France's Alsace region. As in Alsace, the mountains protect the area from cold, wet, Atlantic weather, making it one of the warmer and drier areas of Germany. This climate makes it possible to achieve full ripeness in every vintage — the key to making wines with rich concentration, fine balance and deep character.

A historic estate that has been brought back to life by the magnificent Ernst Loosen. These wines are different in style to Ernst's Loosen Estate in the Mosel and when compared really show the variation and diversity German Riesling can offer.

The Wachenheimer Riesling is a particular standout.