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Nicolas Schlumberger was born in 1782. He relocated from Mulhouse to Guebwiller in 1810 where he created a factory of fabric machines. He also bought 20 hectares of vineyard and enlarged the cellars. Nicolas died in 1867, three of his sons (Nicolas Junior, Jean and Adolphe) took charge of the factory. Jean Schlumberger inherited all the vineyards, lands and forests. He was conscious of the renown of the family and was the only one to carry out all the necessary works to improve the vine. After phylloxera had destroyed the whole vineyard, he replanted it and actually purchased more plots of vineyard. Eventually the vineyard extended to over 100 hectares. Today it is still in the hands of the family and whilst they maintain all the traditions of the region they are embracing modern technology and ideas too.

Situated on the dizzy heights of the hills of Guebwiller, in the south of Alsace, with slopes of 50° and at an altitude going from 250 to 390 metres, the vineyards are certainly some of the most breathtaking in Alsace. The excellent southwest, south, south east exposure gets a great deal of sunshine. Guebwiller is the only spot in Alsace producing 4 Grands Crus. Half of their vineyards, nearly 70 hectares, are composed of these unique terroirs. The estate encompasses plots in the Grand Cru vineyards Kitterlé, Kessler, Saering and Spiegel.

Since 2003 the estate has been sustainably farmed and since 2006 30 hectares are farmed 100% biodynamically. The family also stand out in that they don't buy fruit from any contracted growers, preferring to do everything themselves. This puts them in a very small and select group of producers in the region.

The stand out wines in Schlumberger's range are the Grand Cru single varietal expressions. These wines truly reflect the unique soils and conditions on which the grapes have been grown. Very pure Alsation wines.