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Reichsrat von Buhl


A highly acclaimed family estate with a long, romantic history. Reichsrat Von Buhl were founded in 1849 and have always produced premium quality wines that represent the history, terroir, culture and tradition of Rheinpfalz winemaking. Over the years the winery and vineyards have been passed from family to family, through marriage and inheritance. During the 90's and early 2000's George Enoch von und zu Guttenberg - owner of the estate at the time - leased the property to a Japanese businessman but in 2013 Achim Neideberger took full control (after purchasing the estate a few years earlier) and revitalised this iconic winery employing a new highly skilled team. Today the managing director is Richard Grosche and the winemaker Mathieu Kauffmann. Mathieu held the prestigious title of cellar master at Bollinger for 12 years before moving to Reichsrat Von Buhl and being originally from Alsace he is very at home surrounded by Riesling in the Pfalz terroir.

This prestigious estate has been family run for over 150 years and during this time has reduced in size today owning just over 50 hectares. They are located in northern Pfalz with several premier cru and grand cru vineyards in Deidsheim, Forst and Ruppertsberg. Deidsheim and Forst are reputed to be the very best sites in Pfalz. The winery and cellars are in Deidsheim.

Certified organic and working biodynamically since 2013 the estate also takes as natural an approach to viticulture and oenology as possible. Since Mathieu joined the winery the wines have climbed even higher in regard and his current passion is creating a premium quality Sekt. The wines are made in a low intervention style, adding minimal sulphites and fermented in stainless steel (mostly). Reichsrat Von Buhl release quite a range of wines, mostly Riesling, and therefore a variety of specific winemaking techniques, harvesting times and maturation approaches are carried out however, Mathieu does prefer the use of large French oak.

Currently the OWC stock the Riesling Trocken, Jesuitengarten Riesling and Forster Ungeheuer Auslese Riesling. The Jesiutengarten is an exceptional Riesling with complex citrus characteristics and that signature clean, flinty minerality. Life changing!

The team at Reichsrat Von Buhl are truly passionate about Pfalz dry Riesling - it is in their soil, in their air and in their blood. These wines are timeless classics and well worth searching out (they also produce some magnums!). On top of their international acclaim they won the Sommeliers Choice Award 2019 for 'wine of the year by the glass'.