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Grant Burge


Grant Burge is one of the most respected and innovative characters in Australian wine. He is a fifth-generation Barossa vigneron and winemaker. The history of the Burge family in Australia goes back to March 1855 when John Burge, originally a tailor, immigrated to the Barossa Valley from Wiltshire. With him he took his wife and two sons. He became a winemaker at Hillside vineyards and passed his love of the vine and wine onto his son Meshach, who in turn produced his first wine in 1865. The Grant family continued to grow and the passion for wine making has gone from generation to generation.

Grant Burge is based near Nuriootpa in the Barrosa, 80km north of Adelaide. Barossa incorporates the Barossa Valley floor, at 200-250 m.a.s.l. and the high altitude Eden Valley at 500 m.a.s.l. The Barossa is widely recognised as the country's most varied district for premium grape cultivation.

Grant Burge occupies a special place in the landscape of Australian wines. A long and established family history that is still at the forefront of grape growing and wine making. They produce one of Australia's most extensive range of wines.

The Vigneron series is a particular stand out. Each wine is a wonderful expression of not just grape variety but also place and solid wine making. The Holy Trinity is also one of Australia's most famous wines.