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History Glenfarclas was legally established in 1836 at the foot of Ben Rinnes, it was then bought in 1865 for £511.19S by John Grant. It is still one of the few distilleries which are privately owned.

Success Glenfarclas is well known for its rich full bodied style of single malt whisky which is always released at natural colour. A huge amount of aged stock has also insured the success of the brand, with over 50, 000 casks maturing in their warehouses at any one time. Their reserves are of such a great extent, that they were able to release their family cask range which includes single barrel bottlings from as far back as 1952, in 2007. This was thanks to George S. Grant, 4th generation, who decided to keep making whisky for the distillery despite a decrease in demand from blenders. They also export to more than 50 international markets including countries such as Germany, France, Japan, Spain, USA and Taiwan.

Range The range boasts many different aged malts. Among the core range are the 10, 15, 21, 25 and 30 year olds with a very recent 40 year old release. Glenfarclas also has vintage casks dating back as far as 1953 which they bottle and sell under their "Family Cask" range.

Today To this day, Glenfarclas has remained independent and is now belongs to the 6th generation of Grants from Glenfarclas. The distillery can be found at the foot of Ben Rinnes, an 840 meter high mountain. Glenfarclas has 6 traditional direct-fired copper pot stills, which are considered to be the biggest on the Speyside. The cloudy "wash" is turned into crystal clear spirit through a double distillation process from a larger "wash still to the smaller "spirit still." Glenfarclas is known for using ex-sherry barrels for the ageing of their malt. They do however also use plain oak casks which previously aged bourbon. Barrels lie dormant for at least 8 years in on-site dunnage warehouses for a minimum of 8 years loosing an average of 0.4% abv per year known as the "Angles Share."

Awards 2011 Whisky World (Japanese Magazine) - Distillery of the Year Glenfarclas was named Distiller of the Year 2006 by Whisky Magazine.