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History Glencadam has been in operation since 1825 which is just one year after distilling on a large scale was legalised. The distillery has changed hands many times in the past but was closed during both world wars. The warehouses were used as soldiers' barracks instead. The gentle character of Glencadam made it a favourite among blenders and can be found in many world renowned blends. Sadly the distillery was closed in 2000. It was however reopened in 2003 shortly after Scottish group, Angus Dundee Distillers bought it.

Success Glencadams' succes is down to its ability to produce 1.5 million leters and store over 20, 000 casks on site. They also have aged stocks giving them consistency with aged stock as well as their 30 year old release.

Range The current range includes Aged 10, 15 and 21 Year old expressions, as well as Aged 12 Years Old Portwood and Aged 14 Years Oloroso cask finishes, and Aged 30 Years Single Cask.

Today It has been under the ownership of Angus Dundee Distillers Plc since 2003, who were the first company to produce a 15 year old expression for the commercial market. At optimum production, Glencadam can produce 1.5 million litres per year and can store about 20,000 casks on site. It operates pot stills, of which there are two which have been running since the beginning. An interesting feature of these stills is that their lye pipes run at an upward angle of 15 degrees, rather than downward. The reason being, that this creates a more mellow spirit, which shows sweet and fruity notes when aged.

Awards The Scotch Whisky Masters 2013 awarded another Gold Medal to Glencadam 21 Year Old