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Fontana dei Boschi

Vittorio Graziano never expected to find a career in the wine industry but after beginning his working life with an accountancy firm he soon realised that being desk bound was not for him. In The late 70s, when Vittorio began his winemaking journey, the sweet and cheap fizzy Lambrusco from Emilia Romagna was gaining momentum. Vittorio turned away from the trend and after beginning work on his family's five hectare farm, he started picking up tips and knowledge from the locals about the best soils, slopes and viticulture techniques. Over the next 20 years Vittorio slowly and precisely acquired other quality plots and began planting vines.

Now Vittorio's winery, Fontana Dei Boschi are turning heads with their luscious Lambrusco. They grow many ancient varieties including Lambrusco di Grasparossa, Malbo Gentile and other local grape varieties of which their names remain a mystery. The fruit is hand harvested and the juice goes through a Traditional Method fermentation. The dry wine is aged for approximately 1 year on the lees, is disgorged and receives a dosage before being released for sale. Most Lambrusco is made using the Charmat Method, but Vittorio wanted to produce something of a superior quality.

Vittorio proudly shouts about his diverse plant life growing amongst his vines and having never used any herbicides on any of his plots. He held organic status for 9 years but due to the increasing costs in licencing decided to revoke the certification but continues to practice organic farming.

Vittorio's wonderful expression of the true quality of Lambrusco has received much attention from wine lovers, critics and the restaurant industry. In fact, a very good friend who is a sommelier at a celebrated London restaurant I used to work for, now features Vittorio's Lambrusco on their wine list with a specific suggestion as a brunch option! A wonderful addition to our range this bight and characterful wine suits many occasions and is beautiful with light pasta dishes, strong cheeses, antipasti or just on its own!

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