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Bolney Estate


Bolney Estate started life as the vision of Janet and Rodney Pratt. They planted the first three acres of vines on what was then known as Bookers Vineyard in Sussex in 1972. Since those early days, the estate has grown to its current size of thirty nine acres and produces Red, White and Sparkling wines. Daughter,Samantha Linter took the helm in the 1990s, and added a state of the art winery to its premises.

The Estate is located on the South Downs, around fourteen miles from the coast. This location, combined with the low altitude and nearby forest helps to protect the vines from the prevailing breezes and helps to keep the mean temperature during the growing season between 12 and 15 celsius. Extensive canopy management is undertaken in the vineyard to ensure the grapes reach the optimum microclimate.

Bolney Estate are committed to a viticulture that is both sustainable and economically viable, and to this end are minimising the use of agrochemicals in the vineyard, through the use of growing techniques that promote healthy, pest-free vineyards, as well as ensuring soil health and fertility.

The Oxford Wine Company lists two of Bolney Estate's still white wines: The Bacchus and the Pinot Gris. The Pinot Gris was the winner of an International Wine Challenge trophy in 2012, and shows jasmine-scented fruit on the nose, with a slightly honeyed palate. The Bacchus is fragrant, with notes of elderflower and gooseberry - an English answer to Sauvignon Blanc.